2.1 Get started with Incognitee Live Net

Coming soon!

Incognitee Portal

The portal will have 3 different sections.

  • Transfers

  • Accounts

  • Explorer

Tranfers: In this section, you can select supported source and destination chains and the asset you want to transfer. After connecting your wallet via the upper right button “Connect Wallet”, you can start transfering asset from source to a destination chain. Actions that are available: Shielding: Shielding is the process of transfering an asset from a origin chain like Polkadot to Incognitee, which is still public. Thereby your wallet is sending the amount to a vault on the source chain, and the same amount will be available on the same wallet address on Incognitee. Private Transfer: A private transfer, is a transfer between two Incognitee wallets which is done completely in private.

Unshielding: Unshielding is the process of transfering an asset from Incognitee back to a origin chain like Polkadot, which is public again. Thereby the vault on the origin chain will unlock and sending the amount back to the wallet specified in the unshielding process.


In this section, you can see check your balances on the different supported chains. Additionaly you can add familiar wallets to your address book.


In this section, you can check events that happened on both the source chain, as well as the events on Incognitee.

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