4.1 Become a Validator

A validator on Incognitee has to operate an Intel SGX machine in a trustworthy datacenter setup.

To be considered as a validator in Incognitee Mainnet, you have to get whitelisted via the on-chain Governance mechanism and previously beeing active in the Test Net.

Every validator will earn from transactions. Validators will receive a proportional amount of every transaction that is beeing validated by the network based on the amount of TEER it has locked, creating an opportunity for continual rewards in line with Incognitee’s activity. The number of Incognitee validators will be limited and set by onchain Governance.

Technical & Operational requirements:

  • Run a Intel SGX based machine in a datacenter

  • Machines that we recommend: Dell PowerEdge R340 Server, where the CPU must be an Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2276G CPU @ 3.80 GHz.

  • Remote Attestation should be always valid and up to date, check here how to set it up.

Get whitelisted via the Integritee Network on-chain-Governance: Coming soon! Get some TEER Token to lock and increase validation commission:

You have multiple options to obtain TEER tokens. Check out available venues here. Revenue Calculation:

Lets take a set of 5 Validators that have locked the following amount of TEER: Validator 1: 5'000 TEER Validator 2: 10'000 TEER Validator 3: 15'000 TEER Validator 4: 20'000 TEER Validator 5: 25'000 TEER Total amount locked: 75’000 TEER The overall revenue via transaction fees on Incognitee is lets say 1’000’000 USD per month . In this case the share of transaction fees would be as following: Validator 1: 5'000 / 75’000 * 1’000’000 = 66’666 USD Validator 2: 10'000 / 75’000 * 1’000’000 = 133’333 USD Validator 3: 15'000 / 75’000 * 1’000’000 = 200’000 USD Validator 4: 20'000 / 75’000 * 1’000’000 = 266’666 USD Validator 5: 25'000 / 75’000 * 1’000’000 = 333’333 USD

Once Delegation becomes available, you can attract even more TEER via delegation that can add up to your total locked amount. If you want to express interest in becoming a validator and need some help along the process, we encourage you to reach out to the Integritee core team via hello@integritee.network .

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